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August 31st, 2023

Georgi Matev
Head of Product

Our team has had a productive August, and we're happy to announce a number of improvements to our platform that are now generally available for use.


Enhanced ransomware detection

Protection in the event of cyber attacks remains a top priority for us, and we continuously improve Alcion's ability to recognize threats. Our ransomware detection model now considers an even broader set of access metrics, item metadata, and item contents when monitoring for anomalies over an even longer time horizon (now past 90 days).

Alcion now uses a family of unsupervised anomaly detection models that improve accuracy and can recognize not only fast moving mass encryption events but also more sophisticated attacks that employ partial encryption over longer periods.

Ransomware detected alertRansomware detected alert

Stay tuned for much more on this topic that our amazing engineers will share in the future.

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Ransomware & malware email alerts

Alcion now offers additional email notifications to keep you informed about cyber related incidents that require your immediate attention. The newly supported notification types are:

  • Potential ransomware activity detected
  • Malware found and eliminated

Ransomware notificationRansomware notification

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Shared mailboxes

Alcion now supports protecting shared mailboxes. In the past, shared mailboxes may have been discovered as regular users, but they're now a first class citizen in the Alcion user experience. Separating users and shared mailboxes as a different resource type also brings more clarity for license management since shared mailboxes don't require a separate license1.

Shared mailbox tilesShared mailbox tiles

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Resource activity insights

In addition to the visibility it can provide into backup data, Alcion also helps you understand the high-level dynamics of data activity for the underlying Microsoft 365 resources even when these resources are not protected by Alcion.

This makes it much easier to identify resources where the underlying data is changing at a rapid pace. Such resources are at higher risk of data loss and will be great candidates to protect with a recurring or intelligent backup policy.

Data activity indicatorData activity indicator

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Compliance score

To provide a clear way to understand the current level of protection, Alcion calculates a compliance score for each supported resource type. The score indicates that a protection policy is assigned to resources and that there has been at least 1 successful backup in the last 24 hours.

Compliance scoreCompliance score

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Self-service billing and licensing

Up until this point, Alcion customers had to work with our support team to procure their subscription. We recognize that this deprives prospects of the ability to make this important decision at their own pace. To improve this experience, Alcion now allows you to select your desired plan and pay for it in a self-service manner.

To ensure the utmost security (Alcion never stores payment information) and flexibility of available payment methods, the payment experience is powered by Stripe.

Self-service paymentsSelf-service payments

For more details, see the relevant documentation.


  • Upgraded the version of Corso used by Alcion.
  • Improved ordering for triggering pre-emptive backups when a ransomware attack is detected to maximize protection.
  • More intuitive set of backup policies to control enabling or disabling of backups.

Notable fixes

  • Fixes consistent formatting for all stats using proper locale formatting.
  • Fixes error where backups would not automatically start when bulk setting policy on multiple resources.
  • Fix some spacing issues for modal dialogues.
  • Fix how the correct automatic policy is selected when changing between Alcion subscription tiers.


  1. Shared mailboxes that have an active OneDrive associated with the account will be considered a User.

July 31st, 2023

Georgi Matev
Head of Product

The Alcion team continues to make improvements to our platform. Below are highlights for some of the work that has been baking for a little while and is now generally available for use.


Additional restore options

One of the most requested improvements to Alcion has been the ability to control how data is restored. This has now been addressed! In addition to the default non-destructive restore to a new location, Alcion now supports restoring to the original backup location (including conflict resolution) and restoring to a different user or site.

Restore optionsRestore optionsAction options - duplicatesAction options - duplicates

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Email notifications

Alcion already offers great visibility into the operational health of your data protection and security through our home dashboard and activity pages when you are in the product. Email notification are now available in Alcion to keep you informed of key events that require attention. The initially supported notifications are:

  • Backup failures
  • Daily backup activity summary
  • Restore failures
  • Restore successful completions
  • Suspected ransomware activity

Action detailsAction details

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

New Asia Pacific data region

Alcion customers can now store their backups in Asia Pacific (Australia) in addition to the existing United States and Europe regions.

For more details, see the relevant documentation.


  • Upgraded the version of Corso used by Alcion.
  • Improved Alcion login page.
  • Action details now include a record of the restore options used.
  • Backups other than the latest are highlighted with an inline call-out for better user visibility.
  • Improved how automated action re-drives in response to failures are displayed in the Activity view.
  • Recent statistics for the last 24 hours are now properly aligned with the Alcion account timezone.

Notable fixes

  • Hardened resource discovery when there are gaps in the permissions granted to Alcion for the Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • Resource discovery no longer requires at least one user with a valid OneDrive license.
  • Addressed some possible inconsistencies between action stats and summary stats.

June 30th, 2023

Georgi Matev
Head of Product

The Alcion team has been busy over the last month! We've shipped a large number of improvements, big and small, in this time! Some of the highlights are below.


Simplified Protection Workflows

Quick startQuick start

This feature makes it easier for new Alcion users and, in particular, new trial users, to get started. You can now protect all your resources, existing and future, with a single click when you onboard your tenant. We hope it will make it extremely straightforward for you to test Alcion backing up all your resources at zero cost during the trial period.

Action Details

Action detailsAction details

We're constantly working to incorporate your feedback, and this is one of those items. Users wanted more visibility around completed backup and restore actions, and the capability is now available. As the above screenshot shows, Alcion displays a lot more information including times, durations, data statistics, and more!


The last month also included many smaller but important improvements to our platform:

  • The version of Corso used by Alcion was upgraded. This brought in large performance improvements for backup and restore speeds and fixed bugs when handling large attachments.

  • Backup scheduling was improved to further isolate "noisy" tenants from the rest of the system and improve your quality of service.

  • For tenants with large number of users or sites, we also improved resource discovery. Alcion no longer blocks on full discovery but will instead iteratively display discovered resources.

Notable fixes

We also had a few minor, but notable fixes, that went in:

  • The restore API now includes complete statistics.
  • UI improvements to increase the robustness of multi-resource selection.
  • Fixed UI button sizing inconsistency as things being just slightly off bugs us as much it bugs you.
  • Cleaned up failure semantics when backups fail (for example, when Microsoft has an outage in the middle of an ongoing backups).

May 31st, 2023

Georgi Matev
Head of Product

Alcion Public Preview

Welcome to the Alcion changelog and our first public update! We will be posting these monthly to provide visibility into newly released features, updates, and fixes.

First, a bit about us. Alcion offers AI-driven data protection for cloud services, with initial focus on Microsoft 365. We help companies with data management challenges including disaster recovery, ransomware and malware threats, and compliance.

For the last few months our team has been busy working closely with a handful of companies who were part of our Private Preview program. As part of this partnership, we collected feedback and relentlessly improved the ease of use and reliability of our service, while developing new capabilities. We've now reached the point where we're ready to open up Alcion to the world in Public Preview.

In this first update, we'll provide a summary of the primary capabilities of Alcion.

Quick and intuitive onboarding

Our goal is to allow new customers to sign up for Alcion and start protecting their Microsoft 365 data in 10 minutes or less. We accomplish this by keeping the onboarding as intuitive as possible:

  • Sign up with your Microsoft 365 account instead of creating yet another set of credentials
  • Connect Alcion to your Microsoft 365 tenant and consent to the required permissions
  • Specify your preferred timezone and data region

You are done! Alcion completes the rest of the setup and automatically discovers all available resources. You are ready to start your initial backups.

Alcion loginAlcion loginAlcion loginAlcion loginAlcion loginAlcion login

Support for Exchange, OneDrive, and Sharepoint

At the start of Public Preview, Alcion provides support for the following Microsoft 365 services and data types:

  • Exchange - emails, events, contacts
  • OneDrive - user files
  • Sharepoint - document library files

For more details, see the relevant documentation

Intelligent, recurring, and on-demand backups

Simplicity when creating backups is a priority for Alcion. The following options are available:

  • On-demand backups - Administrators can trigger backups as needed at any time.
  • Recurring backups - Scheduled periodic backups that occur 3 times a day at set times.
  • Intelligent backups - Alcion selects the most optimal times during the day, based on usage patters, to minimize data loss. For more details, see the relevant documentation.

For full automation, Alcion also allows selecting a policy that will be automatically applied when Alcion discovers new users. For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Alcion loginAlcion loginAlcion loginAlcion loginAlcion loginAlcion login

Ransomware protection and malware elimination

At Alcion, we believe that improving the overall security posture of our customers is just as important as robust data protection. As a starting point, Alcion automatically filters out malware files from backups and analyzes your data for signs of ransomware activity. If suspicious activity is detected, Alcion tags as safe any backups that aren't affected and initiates pre-emptive backups.

Alcion malware incident detailsAlcion malware incident details

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Virtual backup immutability

Backups are the best recourse when recovering from a cyber attack, and malicious actors frequently target backups early once they establish a foothold in your environment. In addition to keeping your backup data physically separated in different infrastructure, Alcion also ensures that backups can't be deleted if an Alcion admin account is compromised. Backup deletion requests are delayed by 14 days, giving you the opportunity to cancel any requests that haven't been legitimately authorized.

Alcion backup deletionAlcion backup deletion

Alcion pending backup deletionAlcion pending backup deletion

Alcion cancel backup deletionAlcion cancel backup deletion

To find the items that you are looking for, Alcion allows you to browse backups by backup time, data type, and data hierarchy.

Alcion browsing backupsAlcion browsing backups

Additionally, if you aren't sure where the items you may need are, you can search based on item or folder names across all backups.

Alcion searching backupsAlcion searching backups

Non-destructive, granular restores

Alcion offers the ability to restore any combination of folders and items. To prevent unwanted accidental overwrites, Alcion restores data in a new folder named Alcion_Restore_<Timestamp> and preserves the original hierarchy.

Alcion granular restoreAlcion granular restore

For more details, see the relevant documentation

Recent activity and statistics

In addition to ease of configuration, we also had a goal to make Alcion intuitive to operate. When you login, you get a single pane of glass summary of key stats - number of resources discovered and protected as well as status of recent backup and restore operations.

Alcion dashboardAlcion dashboard

For each resource type and individual resources Alcion also displays the total logical size, count, and breakdown by type of all available and recent backup data. These statistics help understand the overall data at risk and velocity of change for each resource.

Alcion user statisticsAlcion user statistics

Alcion speciofic user statisticsAlcion speciofic user statistics

Data regions in the United States and Europe

Alcion customers have a choice to store their backups in one of two supported locations - United States or Europe.

Alcion region selectionAlcion region selection

For more details, see the relevant documentation.