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June 30th, 2024

Georgi Matev
Head of Product

Below is a summary of the great capabilities and improvements that the Alcion team has introduced in June.


Role-based access control

Addressing a common customer request, Alcion now supports role-based access control(RBAC). When managing users, Alcion administrators can control the level of access using a set of predefined roles. The effective permissions for each user are determined by the union of all permissions granted by the assigned roles.

RBAC - Users viewRBAC - Users view

RBAC - Add new userRBAC - Add new user

For more details, including the definition of each predefined role, see the relevant documentation.

Partner role tenant scoping

A common use case for Alcion's MSP clients is to restrict the delegated access of their staff only to the tenants for which staff members are responsible. Alcion now supports this workflow by making it possible to assign partner portal users the Tenant Operator role and further scoping it to one or more of the tenants under management.

Partner roles - Users viewPartner roles - Users view

Partner roles - Add new userPartner roles - Add new userPartner roles - Scope to tenantPartner roles - Scope to tenant

For more details, including full list of the partner portal level roles and scoping options, see the relevant documentation.

SharePoint lists

Alcion continues to expand its SharePoint data services capabilities and now supports backup and restore for SharePoint Lists.

Sharepoint ListsSharepoint Lists

For more details, see the relevant documentation.


  • Introduced a progress indicator to show the number of outstanding initial backups for each resource type.
  • Aligned the daily activity report statistics along the boundaries of the timezone set during account setup.
  • Improved the backup pruning algorithm to always retain the latest backup for archived resources.
  • Hardened security by alerting the old notification email on record when the preferred notification email changes.
  • Made the OneDrive files tab more recognizable when browsing user resource backups.
  • Improved navigation to identify resources that need user attention based on the last status backup summaries.
  • Clarified when filtering is applied on resource pages by adding a more visible tool tip.
  • Enhanced the robustness of long running resource discovery tasks.

Notable fixes

  • Fixed the background color of the daily backup charts on the main dashboard.
  • Fixed token validation of OneDrive and SharePoint item download URLs to significantly improve performance.
  • Fixed an issue where shared mailbox resources weren't filtered out during group-based policy management bulk updates.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to backup of teams channel messages.
  • Fixed the handling of intermittent Graph API failures when users are converted to shared mailboxes and mailboxes are deleted.