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Alcion: AI-driven data protection

Alcion is a security-first AI-driven Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that helps Microsoft 365 administrators quickly and intuitively protect data from cyber threats and accidental data loss. Its multi-layered approach to security combats ransomware and malware using threat detection, intelligent backup scheduling, encryption, and delete protection. Its robust yet intuitive workflows increase productivity for admins of all skill levels. With a focus on data security, including ransomware protection, Alcion is using a community and open-source driven development approach to deliver a modern product focused on the needs of IT administrators.

Getting started

Onboarding a Microsoft 365 tenant

You can follow the Quick Start guide to get started with backups in just a few minutes.

You can also follow the core Alcion concepts and workflows documentation to dive into the details on how to configure and use Alcion. The advanced topics section will provide more information on resource discovery, AI-driven features, security features, and more.

Multi-tenant management

If you are an Alcion partner or a Managed Service Provider, you can follow the Partner Portal documentation where you can learn how to monitor and manage multiple Alcion domains as well as utilize consolidated billing.