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Tenants, accounts, regions

This section describes the relationship between Microsoft 365 tenants and Alcion accounts and regions. As seen in the below diagram, there is a 1:1 correspondence between all three. A Microsoft 365 Tenant can only be associated with a single Alcion account. The Alcion account, in turn, will only be associated with a single region.

Microsoft 365 tenants

A Microsoft 365 tenant, also known as a Microsoft 365 domain, refers to a dedicated and isolated instance of Microsoft 365 services, including Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and others, which is created for an organization. In essence, a tenant is a container that holds all of the information, data, and configuration settings for a particular organization's Microsoft 365 subscription.

Each tenant is assigned a unique domain name and is usually your company name (for example, and represents a dedicated and logically segregated instance of the Microsoft 365 services plus associated data belonging to your organization.

Alcion account


Duplicate account creations using different user logins for the same tenant are rejected in Alcion. If you require multiple users to be able to access the same Alcion account, please use the primary account to add them via the "Manage Admins" setting option.

An Alcion account corresponds to a single Microsoft 365 tenant and refers to a logical container that contains the tenants data, metadata, and configuration settings. An account's data is protected by per-tenant encryption and access keys. No new credentials or logins are needed for Alcion accounts. Instead, a user's Microsoft credentials are used to login and grant permissions to Alcion.

Alcion regions

An Alcion region is a geographic location where a completely independent Alcion data and control plane is deployed. An Alcion account and therefore the Microsoft 365 tenant is only associated with a single region and data and metadata never leaves the region. This allows Alcion to optimize performance while being able to comply with data sovereignty requirements. Once a region is selected for an account, it can't be migrated.

Alcion currently support the following regions:

  • United States
  • Europe (Ireland)
  • Asia Pacific (Australia)