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Tenants, accounts, regions

This section describes the relationship between Microsoft 365 tenants and Alcion accounts and regions. As seen in the below diagram, there is a 1:1 correspondence between all three. A Microsoft 365 Tenant can only be associated with a single Alcion account. The Alcion account, in turn, will only be associated with a single region.

Microsoft 365 tenants

A Microsoft 365 tenant, also known as a Microsoft 365 domain, refers to a dedicated and isolated instance of Microsoft 365 services, including Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and others, which is created for an organization. In essence, a tenant is a container that holds all of the information, data, and configuration settings for a particular organization's Microsoft 365 subscription.

Each tenant is assigned a unique domain name and is usually your company name (for example, and represents a dedicated and logically segregated instance of the Microsoft 365 services plus associated data belonging to your organization.

Alcion account


By default, separate Alcion accounts are created when different users within a tenant sign in to Alcion. If you require multiple users to be able to access the same Alcion account, please contact support.

An Alcion account corresponds to a single Microsoft 365 tenant and refers to a logical container that contains the tenants data, metadata, and configuration settings. An account's data is protected by per-tenant encryption and access keys. No new credentials or logins are needed for Alcion accounts. Instead, a user's Microsoft credentials are used to login and grant permissions to Alcion.

Alcion regions

An Alcion region is a geographic location where a completely independent Alcion data and control plane is deployed. An Alcion account and therefore the Microsoft 365 tenant is only associated with a single region and data and metadata never leaves the region. This allows Alcion to optimize performance while being able to comply with data sovereignty requirements. Once a region is selected for an account, it can't be migrated.

Alcion currently support the following regions:

  • United States
  • Europe (Ireland)
  • Asia Pacific (Australia)