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New resource auto backup policy

Alcion allows administrators to configure backup protection for the resources it has already discovered.

This works well for initial configuration, but would require administrators to come back to Alcion to make configuration changes every time a new resource is discovered. This is both labor intensive and may lead to gap in backup protection in larger environments where resource provisioning is automated and doesn't always happen as a result of direct administrative action.

To address this pain point, Alcion allows administrators to set a backup policy that applies automatically whenever Alcion discovers a new resource. This setting is available, and independently configurable, from the Alcion UI page for each resource type. Setting a new user auto backup policy doesn't impact any existing resources and their configuration, but only applies to newly discovered resources.

Alcion will automatically provision licenses for resource types which require a license.

Bulk policy management

Alcion also allows bulk management of backup policies for existing resources. This is done with multi-select for a subset of resources or from the Manage Backup Policies button from the page for each resource type. By default, the chosen policy will apply to all selected resources, except for resources that are explicitly configured with the Excluded backup policy.