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November 30th, 2023

Georgi Matev

The Alcion team continues to make improvements to our platform, and November was another productive month. Below is a summary of some of the new capabilities and improvements that our team introduced.


Partner Portal Private Preview

At Alcion, we're already working closely with Manager Service Providers and Partners who use Alcion to protect the Microsoft 365 data for their own clients. While Alcion makes managing each account a breeze, we've started adding capabilities that allow partners to monitor and manage multiple accounts at scale through the Alcion Partner Portal.

This offering is still in Private Preview and is only available to a handful of partners who are already providing great feedback to our team. If you are interested in joining the Private Preview program, please send us a request at

Alcion for partnersAlcion for partners

Resource classification alignment

Based on feedback, we've adjusted some of the classification rules that Alcion uses to determine the types of different resources. The changes are favorable when it comes to Alcion licensing and will generally result in fewer resources classified as billable users. Some of the key changes are:

  • Resources designated in Exchange as Shared Mailbox are no longer classified as Users if they have an active OneDrive.
  • Users without any assigned licenses will no longer be discovered by Alcion or if already discovered will be converted to Archived resources.

Resource typesResource types

For more details, see the relevant documentation.

Automatic annual plan upgrade

Given the popularity of our annual plans, Alcion administrators now have the option to automatically upgrade their subscriptions when the number of billable users exceeds the number of annual protected users they have purchased. This allows administrators to always take advantage of our lower annual rates.

If the option is enabled, each month, Alcion will add the required annual users to your subscription and will charge you a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the annual billing period.

Alcion for partnersAlcion for partners

For more details, see the relevant documentation.


  • Added the ability to upgrade the type plan for annual subscriptions.
  • Implemented blocking of multiple sign-ups from the same M365 domain to prevent accidental account duplication.
  • Added a link to navigate to the restore destination for OneDrive and SharePoint restore actions.
  • Enhanced the Quickstart option to start up to 4 of the scheduled backups it enables immediately.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of Corso which brings a number of functional, performance, and robustness improvements. For more information on Corso specific changes please see the Corso changelog.

Notable fixes

  • Fixed an issue where backups couldn't be found when navigating to a specific backup from the activity page.
  • Fixed an issue allowing an unsupported restore of multiple document libraries.
  • Fixed cases where notification emails are accidentally sent multiple times.