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Support SLA

Incident Classification and Target Resolution Times

As defined below, Alcion categories all incidents impact its service into four categories and aims for the defined target resolution time for each incident severity level.

Severity LevelDescriptionTarget Resolution Time
CriticalService is down or major malfunction affecting all users.4 hours
HighSignificant functionality is impaired but service is up.24 hours
MediumMinor functionality issues or queries.5 business days
LowGeneral queries, cosmetic issues, or non-urgent requests.7 business days

Response Times

For non-critical issues, the response time depends on a customer’s subscription tier.

Subscription TierEssentialsSecurityEnterprise
Initial Response Time10 hours8 hours4 hours

Uptime Commitment

Alcion's uptime commitment is defined as:

Subscription TierEssentialsSecurityEnterprise
Uptime Commitment99.5%99.5%99.9%

Support Channels

Service Desk
Community Discord
Private Teams channel


Alcion does rolling upgrades without requiring downtime. However, there might be rare exceptions when maintenance is required to address stability, scale, or security issues.

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Will be communicated at least one week in advance. Maintenance windows are typically scheduled during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions.
  • Emergency Maintenance: In rare cases, unplanned maintenance may be necessary to protect the integrity of the service. These will be communicated as soon as feasible.


This SLA doesn't apply to:

  • Issues caused by the client's own network, hardware, or software.
  • Service interruptions in third-party SaaS services (for example, Microsoft 365) that Alcion is protecting.
  • Service interruptions due to force majeure events.
  • Service interruptions during scheduled maintenance windows.