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Disable and delete backups

This section covers how to disable future backups and manage existing backups in Alcion.

Disable backups

Similarly to how policies are used to enable backups, Alcion allows turning off backups and removing protection from resources based on policies:

  • Excluded - explicitly exclude a resource from recurring or intelligent backups. Resources marked with this policy will also remain unchanged when performing bulk policy changes
  • None - return resources to their initial state where no backups are performed. The resources are still subject to bulk policy changes

When the above policies are applied, any existing backups for the resource will be scheduled for deletion in 2 weeks. The delay is in place to give Alcion admins the ability to re-enable backups if the policy change was inadvertent or, even worse, unauthorized.

Delete backups

Alcion also allows administrators to delete specific backups or all backups associated with a resource.

For security reasons, the deletion is delayed by 2 weeks and can be canceled from the Activity page.