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Known issues

Below is a list of known Alcion issues and limitations:

  • Alcion supports Exchange (email, calendars, contacts), OneDrive (files), SharePoint (Document Libraries, Pages), and Teams (Channel Messages). Additional data types and services will be added in subsequent releases.

  • Backups of Exchange email may not include changes to the read status of an email if no other changes to the email have been made since the previous backup.

  • Backups of Exchange contact don't include the contact photo.

  • Exports for emails must be scoped such that the aggregate logical size of emails is less than or equal to 100 GiB.

  • Exported emails don't include custom attachments. Support for custom attachments will be added in a subsequent release.

  • Exported events don't include item and reference attachments. Support for item and reference attachments will be added in a subsequent release.

  • Inline attachments for exported events will be treated as regular attachments, except the attachments won't retain their name.

  • Restores of nested attachments within Exchange Mail or Calendars aren't yet supported.

  • Folders and Calendars containing zero items or sub-folders aren't included in the backup.

  • Provides no guarantees about whether data moved, added, or deleted in M365 while a backup is being created will be included in the running backup. Future backups run when the data isn't modified will include the data.

  • When an event is exported into a PST, any timezone values for events other than the ones documented by Microsoft here will be ignored with UTC being used instead in its place.

  • SharePoint pages of type 'Wiki Page', 'Web Part Page' & 'Link' aren't backed up. Only the 'Site Page' type is supported for backup & restore.

  • Certain SharePoint pages always fail to retrieve their page layout. These pages are included in backup, but don't contain their layout in the backup data. Restore is possible, but may not accurately restore the original page content.