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Known issues

Below is a list of known Alcion issues and limitations:

  • Alcion supports Exchange (email, calendars, contacts), OneDrive (files) and SharePoint (Document Libraries) M365 data. Additional data types and services will be added in subsequent releases.

  • Backups of Exchange email may not include changes to the read status of an email if no other changes to the email have been made since the previous backup.

  • Restores are non-destructive to a dedicated restore folder in the original Exchange mailbox or OneDrive account. Advanced restore options such as in-place restore, or restore to a specific folder or to a different account aren't yet supported.

  • Restores of nested attachments within Exchange Mail or Calendars aren't yet supported.

  • Folders and Calendars containing zero items or sub-folders aren't included in the backup.

  • Provides no guarantees about whether data moved, added, or deleted in M365 while a backup is being created will be included in the running backup. Future backups run when the data isn't modified will include the data.

  • SharePoint document library data can't be restored after the library has been deleted.