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Consolidated billing

Alcion for partnersAlcion for partnersAlcion for partnersAlcion for partners

The licensing requirements for partners are the same as the requirements for standalone Alcion accounts - licenses are needed only for protected users. The process is seamless for administrators and doesn't require upfront license purchasing, but instead reflects the desired protected user configuration. Partner billing supports both monthly and annual subscriptions.

The key differences for partner billing compared to standalone account billing are as follows:

  • Each Alcion partner receives a single consolidated bill that reflects the licenses consumed by the customer accounts they manage.
  • For convenience and for accounting purposes, the billing UI and the consolidated invoices contain a breakdown of the number of billable users by managed customer account.
  • Partner subscriptions automatically extend to cover new accounts that partners add for management to their portal.
  • No separate subscription is required and no bills are generated for managed customer accounts. Alcion admin for customer accounts don't see subscription details, but only see that their subscription is managed by an Alcion partner.

Alcion partner subscriptions require, on average, 5 licenses per managed customer account.